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Obesity is a serious, and growing problem. In the UK 26% of UK adults are now classified as obese, and worldwide the prevalence of obesity has tripled since 1975. Obesity is associated with numerous health problems including diabetes, heart disease and cancer, as well as significant psychological, social and economic impacts.


Broaching obesity with patients 

Broaching the subject of weight with a patient during a consultation can be challenging. Many healthcare professionals feel uncomfortable asking a patient about their weight, but it is important that we have these conversations, and vital that we help our patients engage with the process of weight loss. 

At Medulearn we felt that healthcare professionals would benefit from the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to effectively discuss weight with patients, and help them begin their weight loss journey. We have brought together a great team, from a range of backgrounds, to equip you with the knowledge and tools to help empower your patients to successfully lose weight, leading to huge physical and psychological benefits.

Do you know how to talk to your patients about their weight? Do you feel confident raising these issues in your consultations? Do you feel your intervention is effective?

As well as bringing you up to date with the scale of the obesity epidemic and why this matters, this course will increase your awareness of current diet trends that your patients may ask about. We will explore dietary and pharmacological approaches to weight loss as well as when to consider bariatric surgery, and long-term post-surgical care and monitoring.

We will tackle the challenge of how and when to raise the issue of weight with your patients. We will help you gain an understanding of the psychology of obesity, and barriers to weight loss. We will give you practical tools to help your patients engage, increasing their chances of successful, and maintained weight loss.

Broaching Obesity Course



0900-16:45 December 11, 2019

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Northwick Park Hospital, London HA1 3UJ

Course highlights:

  • Medical complications of obesity

  • Dietary and pharmacological approaches to weight loss

  • Bariatric surgery – indications, complications and monitoring

  • The psychology of obesity, barriers to weight loss, and how to approach a weight loss consultation

9am - Introduction                                                                   Dr Vicky Blackwell     

                                                                                                (Consultant Gastroenterologist)

9.10 - Why does obesity matter?                                           Dr Vincent Cheung    

   T2DM, NASH, CVD, Cancer                                      (Gastroenterology Fellow)

9.55 - Weight loss strategies                                                  Ms Judi Earl               

Standard advice – VLCD                                            (Bariatric dietician)

Intermittent fasting - Low carb – Keto                                                            


10.45 - Coffee​

11.05 - Pharmacological weight management                       Dr Vincent Cheung     ​

                                                                                                (Gastroenterology Fellow)

11.30 - Bariatric surgery and post bariatric surgery               Ms Rebecca Grossman​

                                                                                                (Specialist Registrar Surgery)

12.30 - Lunch​

13.20 – Psychological aspects of obesity                              Ms Maggie Rayfield   

                                                                                                (Bariatric psychologist)

14.10 - Barriers to weight loss                                                Ms Frances Carroll    

Emotion, What is the motivation?                               (Nutrition and weight coach)

How to approach weight during a consultation                                                         

What not to say/ how not to say it                                                                     


15.20 – Coffee

15.40 - Questionnaire/other tools. Role play/practice            Ms Frances Carroll    

                                                                                                (Nutrition and weight coach)

16.45 – Close

* This agenda may be subject to change                                                                              


MedULearn is formed by diverse group of professionals each with extensive expertise of tackling obesity.


Dr Vicky Blackwell MBChB, MRCP, MSc 

Consultant Gastroenterologist 

Having trained in Edinburgh, London and Oxford, Vicky is now a consultant gastroenterologist and general physician with a specialist interest in nutrition.  She is nutrition lead for her Trust and is committed to raising the profile of good nutrition for all patients, in hospital and in the community. She completed an advanced nutrition fellowship during training, and has an MSc in Applied Human Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University.

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